Giving Freedom
Giving Freedom
A System of Ascension

Giving Freedom:

A System of Ascension


Ascension CLEARING Dowsing charts

Giving Freedom: A System of Ascension dowsing charts contain the blueprint for soul level Akashic Records and Book of Choices clearing.  The powerful clearing is accomplished via use of the dowsing charts.  The dowser follows divine intuitive guidance to detect energies that are preventing full expression of Self and are beneficial to be cleared.  The result of the clearing is the raising of vibrational frequency and the expansion of consciousness for the becoming of Ascended SELF.  See below for the opportunity to purchase these life changing and transformative Charts. Empower yourself in understanding the creation of your life. Overcome lmitations and creating unconscously by default. Create purposefully and masterfully to embody your highest and fullest expression of Self!

What do you desire freedom from in your life?

What does freedom mean to you and do you feel you experience it in your life? Freedom is the ability to choose, to have a choice in one’s life in what that life looks and feels like. Do you feel you are freely creating the life you desire? Do you have abundance of health and well-being? Are your relationships satisfying and fulfilling? Uncover hidden patterns and clear resistance in your Consciousness to allow yourself the freedom to be, to have and to do anything you desire with Giving Freedom: A System of Ascension clearing system. Raise your vibration and therefore that of what you are attracting in to your life. See below for the opportunity to purchase these amazing and life changing dowsing charts to bring forth FREEDOM.

Become your own authority in your own life.


“I am very honored to be the vehicle through which Source has guided this work. I have co-created it with Spirit for over 4 years and thousands of hours to bring forth this pure and organic product from the highest level of Source Consciousness for the benefit of our collective consciousness. The work is a collection of Charts containing the spiritual and energetic clearing capacity for Ascension (vibration raising), Self-Mastery, overcoming Duality and achieving Freedom. I am very grateful to Spirit for the support of our earthly sojourn as well as for the honor and privilege of being in spiritual service with the gift of this powerful clearing modality”

Mary Jean Chadwick


Mary Jean Chadwick is an Emissary of Light spiritual dowser and energy facilitator. She is the creator of spiritual dowsing Charts guided from SOURCE. The Charts direct the clearing of energies for allowing the becoming of one’s Ascended SELF.



Mary Jean Chadwick, an Emissary of Light spiritual dowser and energy facilitator, has been blessed to be the vehicle through which SPIRIT has guided dowsing chart systems for spiritual clearing.

The first system, Giving Freedom: A System of Ascension, has been in development since December 2014 and is ready to make its full scale debut:

  • spiritual, vibrational, energetic dowsing system

  • channeled from the highest level of pure Source consciousness

  • offering 16th generation spiritual clearing technology

  • spiritual teaching tool

  • wisdom is revealed in a set of channeled charts and pages

  • accessed by a dowser through the use of a pendulum for dowsing ideomotor response to intuitive guidance

  • extremely user friendly, yet deep and profound

  • uses and scope are infinite and unlimited

**Stay tuned for more spiritual Chart systems to follow**


34 dowsing charts plus 16 pages of instructions for soul level clearing.

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The general idea of Giving Freedom: A System of Ascension is to free Self from the sub and unconscious energetic influences which prevents free will creation in the present moment. 

The result of clearing with Giving Freedom: A System of Ascension is the raising of vibrational frequency and the becoming of Ascended SELF.

Keep in mind that you are a co-creator with Spirit of your life which means you are responsible for your choices and your choices will create. 

Be an observer of your feelings which translate in to thoughts which create your reality. 

Have fun and enjoy being a free co-creator!

Mary Jean Chadwick